महिला के पैर से लिपटा रहा कोबरा फिर बेटे ने जो किया ऐसा जानकर हैरान रह ज...

There is a village named KalyanTola in Bihar's Munger, where a woman named Putul Devi was sleeping inside the mosquito nets while laying the bed on her bed in the bedroom, she went to the mosquito nets while sleeping and then she realized that she kept something on her feet When the pupil goddess opened the eyes, his eyes were torn down, and he saw that one of them was seated by a cobra snake on his feet.

Their fears were horrified, and the voice was also going out of the throats, but suddenly there was so much noise that their son Atbari Kumar had heard the sound and as soon as he came in from the inside, his senses on seeing his mother Even the woman who flew away did not shake the leg at all, only when her son raised the people around and there was a crowd in a while.
The cobra snake was neither moving nor was it going just like it was seen that the same woman was being seen then some people started praying to God, some people started singing bhajan-kirtan a few hours later The snake went away from it without harming anyone, and this talk gradually spread to the whole village and crowds of people gathered.