सम्भोग के समय नाग नागिन ने निकाल दी अपनी नागमणि और फिर जो हुआ वो हैरान क...

Today's incident will surprise you, so read this post carefully, because today we are going to tell you a very interesting incident of Nag and Nagin.

When a boy was going to a forest in a small town in Kanpur, he saw something shining away in the bushes and he wanted to see it, then he ran and reached it.

What does Kasturba see that the two are wrapped in each other and both are reproducing at that time during that time the boy picked up his mobile and began to record that incident, and at the same time there was some brightness on the head of that snake and seeing this The boy was scared and ran away from there.

When the boy reached his village, he showed this video to the people, then people saw it connecting with goddesses and said that they were both Yashwari Nag and Nagin and what is shining on their heads is a snake charming which is very precious .

Friends, what do you think is that what was shining on the serpent's head, what would be the snake gem or some other comment, and if the information is good, then please comment.