विदेशो में गाय के पेट में किया जा रहा है छेद इसका कारण जानकर आपके होश उड़...

Organic Farming i.e. organic farming is prevalent in many countries today. Farmers of many countries today are also experimenting with long-term cultivation ie long-lasting farming. Recently, such a strange experiment has emerged in America. Many organic dairy farmers make a big hole in the body of cows under this experiment. You probably have seen this kind of cow on TV or on the internet, but do you know what is the reason for this eye in this cow's stomach?

This eye-catching eye appears to be very effective in enhancing the age of the cow. For scientists, it is considered difficult to check the inside of the cow. In such a way, an eye is made in the body of the cow. This eyelet is called "fistula". A fistulated cow's stomach is connected to the outside world. This eye is closed with a plastic ring and within a month of this surgery the cow becomes completely comfortable.

The purpose of making this pit in the cow's belly is quite clear. Through this pit, scientists can find out about the digestive process of the cow. Which food can be cooked in a better manner, and which food it causes to suffer? All these information can be traced through this process. It can also be easily detected in the cow's stomach bacteria. This fistula is the part of the body of the cow which is called "Rumen".

After feeding the cow, the scientists use this fistula to find out what level food is digesting in the cow's body. The special thing is that the cow is not distracted in this process and surprisingly it is considered to be beneficial for the cow. This process increases the age of the cow. In case of illness, the medicines can be given directly to the cow through the stomach.

These fistulated cows are transmitted to other animals after testing the microscope present in the stomach, but many people also criticize this process. The process of exposing a sensitive part of their stomach by removing a part of the body of the cow is in vogue for some time now. Although many people believe that this surgery is not harmed, the cow remains uncomfortable for 4 to 6 weeks of surgery.

Critics of this process only see it as the benefit of meats and dairy companies. Despite this, the process has been considered a method of sustainable farming for some time now. Critics also say that the "Fragile Animal Welfare Act" in the United States is the only law that is made for the rights of animals being trained, but the law on animals like cow, which come in the fields of farming Not applicable It is clear that these fistulated cows have no legal protections to deal with cruelty.