ये महिला भूतों से बनाती है संबंध और जी​वित पुरुषों से करती है नफरत अनगिन...

In today's modern era, making girlfriends or boyfriends is not considered bad. It is taken very naturally. A man can have friendship with many women. And this is what applies to women too. But sometimes people say something like that about their love life. Which would not have been possible to believe quickly. Today we are telling you about some such women. Who has made such claims about his love life, whoever hears he can get in. These women claim that they have been living with ghost boyfriend.

One such claim was made by a woman from Amethyst Raim from England. But their claim is going to be a bit more check. They claim that they have lived with ghost boyfriend. Amethyst Rum revealed in a TV interview that till now he has had more than 20 ghost lovers. Even when his boyfriend found out about his relationship with his ghosts, he got cheated. This woman says that she can no longer trust a man. And anyone wants to spend zodiac with ghost or ghost soul. They say that they get more satisfaction with the ghosts. Amethyst Raim is a Professional Guidance Counselor from the profession. And their claim has created a ruckus.

But one night when his sleep was open, he was a photographer on his band. He started to understand this as a dream but after realizing that he was touching from behind, he believed that this dream is not there. After this, the ghosts often make connections with them. Although they claim that their ghosts have never spoken. But the ghost spoke to him through a telepathy. However, it is not possible to confirm such claims. But such a kind of dowry of these women has already chanted a debate.