सुहागरात के दिन ही दुल्हन ने दिया बच्चे को जन्म देखकर दूल्हे के उड़ गए ह...

Every day there are some strange phenomena happening in this world. Knowing about which we are surprised, but today we are going to tell you about an incident about which you will be surprised at the knowledge.

This incident belongs to Safipur village of Unnao. Where one month gave birth to children on their honeymoon Yes Yes, even though you are surprised by hearing this, but this is true.

In fact, in this village, in the village recently, in the marriage, the bridegroom brings her bride to the house with the help of the bride, but as soon as the bride is celebrated with the bride in the bridegroom, the bride starts a labor pane and she is born there on a son. Gives it.

The groom gets very surprised to see this and immediately speaks to the bride's father to take the bride home. But the bride's father refuses to take home after which he takes the help of the police. The police is investigating the matter in depth.

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