एक रात में ही दुल्हन ने परिवार का किया वो हाल,जिसे जानकर आप भी हो जाएंगे...

A new looter bride has come to light in Shravani. After 5 days of marriage, the bride has done 5 days after the bride will know that you will be done as well. Let me tell you that the whole case, Rakesh Kumar, a resident of Kotwali, Shravani, on April 10, in Haridwar The married woman was married.

Relationship Rakesh's old familiar giant told that the victim told that the marriage was going on well after marriage. Our marriage was done in all the customs of 1.3 lakh rupees. My eyes open on Saturday, my wife was not at home. Even in the search but it could not be known. Then mother said that the jewelery worth Rs 1.5 lakh and 50 thousand rupees cash has also disappeared from the house. We can be sure that my wife has stolen all this with huge money. Police have released investigations in this case.