इस मंदिर में जाने वाले भाई-बहन बन जाते हैं पति-पत्नी सच जान पैरों तले खि...

There are many peculiar places in the world, after which you will lose your forehead. Today we are going to tell you about such a strange and poor place, after knowing the truth, your senses will fly. Actually, this special place is located in Jallun district of Uttar Pradesh, which is known as Kalpi. There is also a tower, which is called the Lanka tower. In this tower, statues of Ravana and his family members have been installed. The height of this tower is 210 feet, which was made by Mathura Prasad by spending Rs.1,75,000.

This Lankan tower was built in this Kaliyuga, which has a variety of questions in the minds of the people. The biggest question in the mind of people is that no one will make a tower for Ravana. Even though being a great sufferer, Ravana had kidnapped Sita's mother. There are two very special things associated with this tower. First thing is that Mathura Prasad, who built this tower, had been playing Ravan for several years in Ramleela. Because of that, he was less known than his real name and more than Ravan's name. Mathura Prasad was built in 1857, which took twenty years to build.

A Shiva temple is also built in the minaret, the main reason behind which was that Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva. A total of seven orbits have to be set up in this tower to climb. That is why there is no advice given to any siblings to come here. People believe that there are seven rounds of boys coming with a girl here. According to Hindu customs, a boy taking seven-rounds with a girl is considered to be his husband.