महाभारत का वह किला आज भी मौजूद है जहाँ से लोगो ने देखा था ये ऐतिहासिक युद्ध

Guys consider the Mahabharata a tooth fable but some evidence of the Mahabharata is also recorded, which shows that Mahabharata had happened. One such proof is the Chittoor Fort.

This fort is a huge fort of India, which was built by Bhima. Within this fort there are many places in the name of Bhima, which makes this fort a Maha Bharat carpet fort.

This fort was of the Maurya dynasty, which later gave the Bappa Raval to Mewar. This fort was later built by the fort till the 16th century.

Khilji invaded the fort in which Rani Padmini had planted. The fort of Chittod has witnessed many horrors in history.