मस्जिद के नीचे से निकला कुछ ऐसा जिसे देख लोग रह गए हैरान

India is going to tell about the city of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh state. The work of repairing the mosque was started a few days ago in Ratlam. When the laborers were repairing the mosque. For this, they had to dig. At the time of excavation, something came out of the mosque which people were surprised to see.

In fact, the excavation of the masjid has provided 18th century old basement and many intelligence roads. Because of this the news has been made in the media. On Thursday, ADM Mandela arrived here and he also inquired about the place. After this, he told the media that only after the full investigation is done, who can be said to whom and how to build this place under this mosque?
For your information, we can tell you that when the laborers were digging up to 18 feet below the mosque, they found a way out of intents. On seeing this he gave the instruction to the contractor. After this, the information was given to the police and administration. After which the administration had done some digging in its care. Now, after the excavation, it will be known who and for whom this intelligence was built