भाई को राखी बाँधने के बाद ससुराल आई पत्नी तो पति ने किया कुछ ऐसा काम देख...

In Sangrur, Punjab, a man has brutally murdered his father-in-law. But, you will be surprised at the story behind it. Actually, a man's wife was taken to Rakhi on Rakhi and when she returned, she had fewer gifts. Therefore, husband became angry and he not only beat his wife, but also brutally murdered his father-in-law.

This is the whole case ...

According to the information, a woman named Neha Gupta was married to Mohan Lal five years ago. Neha said that shortly after the marriage, the in-laws started demanding dowry. He used to kill and harass him many times. On Sunday, she went to Rakhi to build a rakhi to her brother, Sunam, to his brother. After tying Rakhi when she came back to her in-laws' house, husband Mohan Lal asked him if he had gone to the brother to bury the rakhi, then your maternal grandmother gave you something. Neha showed some omen and other gifts. Seeing this, Mohan Lal got angry that the maiders did not give any gifts of expensive gold to his wife. He said that your family members did not give anything special and beat them on this matter. After this he called the maiden and told the matter to father Anil Kumar.

On the next day of Rakhi, the dispute between Neha's father Anil Kumar, brother Saurabh Gupta, her two friends Jatinder Singh and Dewan Singh came to haunt her in-laws, the feud between her husband and father increased. Her husband beat up father Anil Kumar When the father hit his chest, he became unconscious. Her brother and other family members took her father to Sunam Hospital, from which they referred them to Sangrur Hospital. But, he died on the way.

After this, Neha lodged a complaint against nine of her in-laws. On Neha's statement, the police has registered a case against her husband Mohan Lal, Sasoor Tarasam Lal, Saas Kirana Devi, Nand Meena Rani, Jeth Sohan Lal and two unknown women and two men. Right now, the police are continuously raising their arrest for the arrest.