सांप रोजाना खा जाता था मुर्गी का अंडा मुर्गी ने सिखाया सांप को ऐसा सब हु...

On the day we get to see such a phenomenon which makes it difficult for us to believe that this can be good. Something similar happened with a hen with a snake. Everyone was surprised to see

Whereas the bird along with the birds also eat a snake's skull. But whenever a child is in trouble, his mother stands ahead to fight him. A few such chickens used to protect their eggs.

A snake steals every day chicken eggs near the house of Tacas in Camerica. Tell that the chicken's name is a taxdad. But this time when the snake came to steal the chicken egg. So this time, Baddat has also faced it by scolding him. And when the snake came close to the hen, to steal his egg, the hen sat on his eggs so that he did not see any egg.

After which the snake started roaming around the hen. After which the snake enters the chicken egg to steal it. But the hen did not give up. And as soon as Sara saw this, she took pictures of this thing and uploaded it to the social media.

Millions of people began to like it after seeing it. Also, this thing also shows how the chickens protect their children without causing harm to other people.