इस जगह लड़कियां शादी करने के लिए तरस रही है लेकिन नही है एक भी मर्द ऐसे श...

You must have heard that the number of girls is decreasing due to decreasing sex ratio and the number of boys is getting higher but have you heard that there is a situation where girls are too much and boys are less is. Today we will tell you about an area where the number of men is not equal and that girls are still virgins today.

We are talking about a village in Brazil where the number of girls from 18 to 30 years is much higher than boys. The problem with girls being more in this village is that when the girl has to get married then the boys do not get it.

Therefore, when parents do not find a single boy for their daughter, they marry their daughters only with compulsory married men.

Due to lack of men in this village, many girls have to stay virgin, because they do not get a boy. And some girls do not want to get married with married boys. In this village, the number of boys is much lower than in other places than girls.