चाय बनाकर उबली हुई चायपत्ती फेंकने से पहले इस विडिओ को जरूर देख लो वरना ...

Hello friends, everybody likes to drink tea early in the morning. At the same time some people consumed tea more than once a day, and after tea, tea leaves are filtered and framed. They do not know how profitable the boiled tea leaf is and what its benefits. Therefore, today we will tell you about the benefits of boiled tea. Let's know

Wound up quickly

If you put boiled teapot on your wounds, then the injuries are filled quickly and the wound gets cured.

Cleansing the glass

First of all, boil the tea leaf thoroughly and filter it, and after which the water cleans the glass with it, the mirror will shine completely.

As fertilizer

Every plant needs fertilization, so that the plant is growing very fast and it remains healthy. If you put boiled tea leaves in the plant then it acts as fertilizer.

Cleaning furniture

You must wash the boiled tea plate first and then clean the furniture from it. The furniture will be completely clean.