ये महिला कभी घूमती थीं लाल बत्ती में अब चराती है बकरियां वजह जानकर चौक ज...

It is said that luck is a very bad thing. Can ever turn over. There is no faith in time. Evergreen can be poor, and poor can be millionaires. You will not believe in hearing such a story that is going to tell you today. Yes, the woman who used to be a government officer till yesterday, used to roam in a red light car, she sings goats today.

Not surprised, hearing this news. Actually, this story is not a movie story, but a bitter truth. The fate of the Julie Tribal woman living in Madhya Pradesh is so dangerous that even she is not even convinced. Actually, Julie is living in Badhaura of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. In some places, Julie Adivasi was elected president of the district by winning the election of the district panchayat.

At that time Julie used to have a red light cart. In addition, a government official's convoy was running behind. Everyone used to call Julie as Madame. But now no one calls him madam, nor is he as happy. After 5 years of fun, Julie is now back in poverty. She is carrying her belly this day and she is carrying her belly.

When Julie went to government officials to get home under the Prime Minister's house, they were scolded and forced to flee there. Nobody has heard Julie's cry. However, on talking to the officials, they have told that they have no information about this matter so far. The officers have to say that Julie has got her home in government papers only when. But Julie is still homeless. Children also do wages. Fortunately, luck is a very strange thing.