इस महिला ने कहा एलियन से बना चुकी है कई बार संबंध करा चुकी है 18 बार अबॉ...

Various types of claims are made for the existence of aliens in existence. 44-year-old Giovanni Podda, living in Italy, had also made shocking claims about aliens two years ago.

You must have heard of being raped by humans, but being raped by aliens is a bit scary. After all, how can an alien rape someone, but a woman from Italy claimed this. Geovanna Poddah says that her age is about 44 years old. They have been kidnapped by Alien in childhood. They had links with him many times. And used to rape her. They also have proof of this. So far he has done abortion 18 times
She says that about five years ago, when she realized that she was pregnant, she went to a medical clinic to get her pregnancy examined. Here the doctors were shocked to see the embryos inside them, because it was very different from the normal embryo. Here the doctor came to know the cardiac ritamas similar to the child, but the child was not found. However, due to Phatas, the problems of Podda did not end and she demanded abortion and she demanded abortion. Plansenta and hybrid feet were exposed when the doctors did abortion. This whole abortion was recorded
According to media reports, Poddah has video and photos of the spaceship of the aliens, without evidence