गुटखा, तंबाकू और सिगरेट का सेवन करने वालों पर 2 नए बदलाव सरकार का ऐलान ज...

Hello friends All of you are welcome in our channel. If you are an Indian citizen and you are consuming gutk tobacco and cigarettes then you should definitely read the news till the end. Because there are 3 new rules from the Modi Government that have been implemented for those who take gutkha tobacco and cigarette consumption.

If you are consuming gutka tobacco and cigarettes, then the government has enacted a new rule for you. Under which if you have also got into this addiction and if you have to get out of this drunkenness, then now you can easily get away from drunken tobacco and cigarette addiction by calling the number given behind Gutkha tobacco and cigarette packets. This rule can be implemented under the supervision of the Modi government.
Under the new rule, if you eat Gutkha and if you get caught in any place, you will be fined ₹ 500. Like if you are caught on a railway station or at a metro station or on any type of traffic that is catching tobacco, then you will be fined ₹ 500 and you will have to clean the drought group too.