बिहार की इस लड़की ने किया ऐसा अविष्कार की बड़े - बड़े इंजीनियर्स भी कर रह...

It is said that the necessity is the mother of invention. There has been a raging debate about liquor ban in Bihar, for which the Nitish government has made many rules. In the meantime, a student of Bihar has done an act which is really a surprise. This student made a machine for alcoholics, which can give great happiness to the whole world, along with his life, Nitish.

In fact, this student created a chip which would not be able to drive and drink after drinking in the car. Aishwarya is a BTech student from Lakshmi Narayan College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. They say that millions of deaths in India are caused by drinking alcohol and driving. Those who do not know how many innocent people also lose their lives. Seeing this, they created this instrument
According to them, this device will also be set on the dashboard of the vehicle and when the driver comes in, with the help of the sensor it will recognize that the driver has taken intoxication or not. If the driver is intoxicated, then this will not allow ga to start. For this, Aishwarya was ranked first in the national level Innovative Model Project Competition held in Pune. Friends, if all the automobile makers of this country use this project then it is certain that many people will not escape death due to famine.
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