शिक्षामित्रों ने घेरा सचिवालय को और दे दिया पुलिस को चकमा लेकिन फिर पुलि...

The future of 172000 students is hanging in the balance because the last year government had canceled the adjustment of education, due to which 172,000 people were displaced, 172,000 education ministers were agitating, they are eating sticks, they are eating sticks and jail is also going to their The only demand is that they gave their job back

Educationmaters are making every effort to get their old job from which they can achieve success. During this time, the education students have taken another step. Education students have not seen success in the Dera secretariat, when educationmakers have seen success from anywhere, now the education ministry secretariat Are beginning to surround
Education officials had reached the Secretariat before the arrival of the administration. The administration was in full form. They had already got information about this. Education lovers scattered the secretariat as soon as the administration started coming into action and education started moving out from there, They went with preparations to save the eyes of the police and reached the Secretariat Secretariat.
According to the sources, those who reached the Educational Mitra Secretariat, the police beat him with sticks and sticks and locked him in jail, though in the evening, all those education students were released. Now what do the education makers do next? If you like our article, then by pressing the red button you must do lyke and share.