सांप रोजाना खा जाता था मुर्गी का अंडा फिर मुर्गी ने जो किया उसे देखकर हर...

On the day when such incidents happen, it is difficult to believe. But a hen did this with a snake that everyone was surprised to see and how it might have happened in this thinking.

Let's tell you that the hen took a trick to protect his eggs. Let the US takes an egg stealing a snake daily hen to Sarah's house in Texas will tell you that chicken's name is Bdatet
But this time 7 when the chicken came to steal the egg, the chicken sat on its eggs and the snake did not let the egg appear. After this, he started roaming around a clean chicken and did something under his to burn his egg but the chicken did not give up. When Sarah saw all these things, took her picture and made it viral on social media