बिना टिकट ट्रेन में यात्रा कर रही थी महिला पकड़े जाने पर बोली कुछ ऐसा सु...

Traveling without ticket is also included in the category of crime and if someone does so, then the provision of penalties and punishment has been made in the Railway Act, 1989. If a person or woman travels without ticket, then he may have to pay a penalty or a 6-month jail and two sentences together. Regardless of the stringent rules of the Railways, there is no shortage of people traveling in the country without ticket, making the railways lose billions of rupees every year. Today we have brought a similar incident to you

The image of railway officials in the country is not considered good, but all the fingers of the hand are not the same. During a ticket check in the railway, a lady passenger said such a thing to the officer that after hearing her tears came in her eyes and she forgot to check the ticket. During the investigation of Western Railway, the checking officer got a woman without ticket and when she asked about the ticket, she started crying
TT immediately summoned the DRM sir to see the woman crying. On coming, Saheb told the woman that crying is not a solution to any problem and tell why she did not take the ticket. After that, the woman cried and said that she had gone to Jauwer Hussain and her belongings were stolen. The lady said softly that when Saab has not eaten food for 2 days, where will the ticket be taken from
Upon hearing this, the heart of everyone, including the DRM sahib, was exhausted and nothing came out of the mouth. After some time, the DRM sahib ordered that he should feed the female and his children, and then take tickets for all Indore and send them safely to the train. After hearing this, all the passengers got tears in their eyes and they started praising the DRM sahib.