आखिर चिप्स के पैकेट में क्यों भरी होती है आधी से ज्यादा हवा कारण जान दंग...

Potato chips are one of the most preferred food items of the people. Potato chips are not only delicious but also available at reasonable prices. But your wishes can not be completely satisfied in a pack of 20 bucks of laces chips

But there is a complaint, about potato chips and this amount of air in the packet. Generally people complain that potato chips companies cheat them by offering less chips and more air. Ever wondered what is the reason behind that
01. The packets of chips are not air or oxygen but are filled with nitrogen. The reason behind filling the packet with nitrogen is that it is a non-reactive gas. If the packet is filled with oxygen or air, it will react with the oil of chips, which will result in a change in its taste. And it can also badly affect the health of the people.

2. The second reason for filling the packet with gas such as nitrogen is that it prevents gas chips from cracking during transport
According to Food Safety 'It Treat', 70% nitrogen, uncle chips and 20% nitrogen in bingo-mad angles, 70% nitrogen in Takatak, 30% in Takatura, and Crunchy with 20% nitrogen in one pack of lazes.
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