मोदी सरकार ने लिया कर्ज माफ़ी से भी बड़ा फैसला कोंग्रेसियों के खेमे में मच...

After the defeat in the recent assembly elections, the Congress government will not only give loans to farmers but also to prepare for the betterment. We are telling you something special about this

Let us tell you that in next year's annual National Conference of BJP's Kisan Morcha, the conference of more than two lakh farmers who will be held on 21-22 February in Uttar Pradesh, in which Modi Government prepares to give big relief in the wake of Lok Sabha elections. is
The Modi Government, who has always been accused of sundaybut, will present a special draft in the name of 'Kisan Kalyan Patra' in this farming summit, in which a detailed document of all the problems of farmers and their solutions will be present, which will be bigger than the debt waiver of the farmers. In this "Kisan Kalyan Patra", many facilities will be provided to the farmers.
In the Kisan Kalyan letter, special emphasis will be given to increase the income of the farmers and permanently reduce the expenditure of the farmers. This will include issues such as special discounts on agricultural equipment, availability of electricity and water. Which will benefit the farmers