अपनी ही शादी में सोने के जूते और कपडे पहनकर पहुंचा दूल्हा कि शर्मा गई दु...

Marriages are often splendid and expensive, meaning that the expenses incurred for the bride's clothes ranged from Barrett to Baratio's food. But in Pakistan, a groom wore a dress of 25 million on his reception, from tie to shoes. According to the local media, Hafiz Salman Shahid used to wear his necklace with a jewel of Rs 63,000 in his waistim. Including about 15 million shoe made of about 32 tolas of gold and a tie of 5 million made of ten tola gold.

Shahid told the media that "I always wanted to wear something special and different on my wedding day. That is why I wear gold tie and shoes today." As a single brother in 7 sisters, her parents also fulfill her wishes. However, when the talk of martyr in the local media started, nobody believed
Written by a person while Kmeent Shahid's photo on Instagram that, "the groom is so tantrums finally be many tantrums of his bride. A lot of people said to have remarked that it was nothing other than a waste of money and appearances. that people wear gold as gold on his head in Lahore, said a businessman Shahid Valencia. this way, I wore it boots so I Round funding may leave tell people Work like the back kill killing forbid because it is dust feet and nothing