अमृतसर के बाद लखनऊ में हुआ बड़ा रेल हादसा ट्रैक पर बिछ गया लाशों का ढेर ...

The entire country has not yet emerged from the Amritsar train accident that a similar incident has emerged from Lucknow. Let us tell you that the people who were working on the train track in Hardoi area near Lucknow got out of biting. Let us tell you that Sandila and Umartali, who were present in the Hardoi area, were working on the repair of the four-kinns on the railway track. But during this time the train passed on a fast speed and left the four-man bite. However, after the whole incident, the major negligence of the railway administration has emerged.

After the removal of four KI-MANs working on the railway track, there is considerable fury among employees of the C-Group of the Railway Department. Let us know that the staff complained that despite the information about the repair work, the train was allowed to go on that track. Not only this, the train was drawn at such a fast speed that it was working there that the man could not get the chance to leave
However, the victims of the incident have informed the house of the man's house. But due to the rage in the employees about the incident, an investigation team has reached the spot. And he has been trying to find out what was the reason why Man, who was working on the track, could not see the train coming from behind. However, the investigation of this case is also being done rapidly because four KI-MANs were working together and want to know in the investigation team that not all of them have seen the train coming together.

However, due to the negligence of the railway administration, what do you think about such an incident in Lucknow once again? Let us know in the comment box