बिना किसी ब्याज Paytm दे रहा 60 हजार उधार बस करना होगा ये काम और फिर उठा...

If you need lending money and you use PettyWallet, then there is a new good news for you. Now Ptymi will lend up to Rs 60,000 to those who use PettyM Wallet.

Yes, Patyma has started a new scheme. Under this plan, if you have to recharge mobile or DTH, go to a movie or save it from Peti M Mall, then you do not have to spend cash. Because now the borrowing account has started on Pettym. You can spend up to 60 thousand rupees throughout the month.

Only keep payments in monthly mode. PettyM has named the new post as "Peti Postpaid Service". At present, the facility of this service is limited to select people from PettyMe. By using this service, the user using Patmium Wallet can spend up to Rs. 60 thousand and can later pay the bank.
Under this new service of Patmi Wallet, users can take advantage of features such as mobile recharge, DTH connection recharge, bookings of movie tickets and shopping at Petty Online Marketplace. The credit limit in this service is 60,000 rupees.

After you use this service, you will be billed on the first date of the month from Pettyma. Any extra charge or interest will not be levied on payment of the bill till the seventh date of the month. In the case of payment default, the account will be deactivated. Bill payment can be done through an OTP or PIN
You do not have to do anything to take advantage of this service, you just have to login in your Petty App. After this, you will have to click on Peti Postpate Banner. This service can then be activated by tapping on the 'Activate My Paytm Postpaid' button.