इस तरह से बी. चंद्रकला ने हासिल किया IAS का मुकाम अब मुश्किल दौर का कर र...

IAS B. Chandrakrakala is going through difficult times these days. He has been accused of illegal mining during the SP government. This led to the CBI raids at Hamirpur house of B. Chadrachala. During the raid, the CBI seized several important documents, including 2 kg gold from their residence. Simultaneously, the CBI has registered an FIR on Chandrakal after the order of the High Court.

B. Radhakrila Niru is native to Andhra Pradesh. He was born in Karimganar district of Telangana. He passed the 12th examination from the Central School After this, he graduated from Kotli Mahila College, Hyderabad. They got married after graduation. After the marriage, he graduated from distance education in post-graduate economics. After which, with her husband's support, she started preparing for the UPSC exam. Chandrakal passed the IAS examination in 2008. After which he was given posting in the UP cadre. His 409th rank was in the UPSC examination. Her husband has an important contribution in becoming an IAS of B. Chandrakala. They have a daughter too
Chandrakal was in the limelight for the first time when he was posted as DM in Bulandshahr. At that time he was investigating the corruption and commissioning of corruption in the development work of the municipality. During checking, he found that poor brick, interlocking tiles and old ballast have been used in the construction work. About whom the angry Chandrakala had furiously took the class
Chattering a local contractor and officers, Chandrakal said, "Shame, people have money. There is no money for your home. You cheat like this, you guys Money will be cut by paycheck The road is formed and crumbles overnight. Return all the stuff I will report this whole issue to the regime ". The video of this episode was very viral on social media. Who had raised a lot of headlines