ऑस्ट्रेलिया में सिडनी के मैदान में दर्शको के बीच बैठे इस युवक को देख कोह...

In the final match between India and Australia, the Indian team saw 622 runs in their first innings while declaring innings, while the Aussie team could have scored 24 runs for the second day's play.

But on the third day when the Australian team went on the field for the first day, the Indian bowlers got the havoc and the third day's game ended till the end of the game, Australia's 6 wickets fell on 236 and the Indian team still going ahead with 386 runs. Has been
But in the meantime, a surprise carnna was seen on Sidney's field, when the Indian team was seen fielding on the field, a look at the young man sitting between the viewer of the camera, Virat Kohli Look like
The viewer of that young man started taking selfies and shaking hands with him, but when Virat Kohli looked at the young man, he was amazed to see his emotions and his eyes did not believe