यहाँ लगता है दुल्हनों का बाजार पैसे देकर खरीदी जाती है मनपसंद दुल्हन अनो...

Everybody knows the meaning and meaning of marriage in our country. It is said that marriages and joints make up. But today we are going to tell you about such a unique market where the bride is bought and she also legitimately

Perhaps you do not believe this, but in Bulgaria there is a market of brides once every three years at this place called Star Joror. Yes yes guys, this is true
Here every groom has the right to buy his favorite bride and make his wife. This fair is imposed by such poor families, whose financial condition is not good and can not afford to spend their daughter's marriage
In the market, girls are taken to the bride's nutrition in the nursery. Brides sold include girls and women of almost every age
To buy a bride often her family also with the boy. The groom first chooses his favorite girl, then the two are given an opportunity to talk. When the girl likes, she is given her wife and the money given to the girl's family is given. The trend of buying brides is being followed by many families in poor families, which do not have any legal stance
This market is marketed by the Kalayadmi community of Bulgaria. Apart from the community, no outsider can buy bride here. There are only families in this market that are financially weak, due to which they can not get married to their girls
In this market girls do not come alone, but there is definitely a member of the family with him. After the choice has been made in the market and after filling the boy, the boy and his family also have to accept his daughter. This rule is strictly adhered to