अब सभी सिमकार्ड पर 35 रुपये का रिचार्ज हुआ बंद अब बस करना होगा ये आसान काम

For the past few months, the telecom sector has a much warmed atmosphere and the main reason behind this is the alliance of all telecom companies. Since the arrival of Reliance Geo, all the companies are facing losses in their industry, due to which all the companies have made a decision by mutual co-ordination that it is mandatory for each customer to recharge the minimum amount of 35 rupees on their number.

This is being done only because Reliance Jio is giving cheap and affordable plans to all its customers, due to which people have chosen Geo as their primary SIM, the same customers use the SIM of another company only for incoming calls. So that they were not charging any kind of recharge on their number, due to which all the company got the Recharge of this 35 rupees and came it Shall be.

Let us tell you, in the present time, Geo and BSNL are two such companies, which, despite their termination of deadline limit data, and their customers, facilitates incoming calls despite the expiry of recharge validity. This is the reason that recently, nearly 60 million subscribers of Airtel have given up on the company's handling of Airtel. Let us tell you now all the companies have appealed to their customers to choose a long-term recharge plan and avoid any inconvenience in the incoming call.

On the recharge of 36 rupees, all the planets received a balance of 26 rupees, with 28 days of incoming calling facility to the customers and the same rate gets the rate of 2.5 paise per second. Let us know that incoming call is available with 45 days validity and 28 day incoming call facility.