PM मोदी ने लोगों के खाते में भेजे 25-25 हजार रुपए बैंक के बाहर लगी लोगो ...

A case of shocking revelation from Bardhaman district of West Bengal has come out. There was a sudden loss of 25-25 thousand rupees in the account of people, due to which there was a long spell outside the banks. Surprisingly, there are two transfers in some accounts.

Let us tell you that the amount of money received is 10 thousand or 25 thousand rupees in their accounts. This money has come only in the accounts of UCO, United Bank of India and State Bank of India.

According to media reports, bank employees have no answer to where the money has come from the accounts. In the bank accounts of people, money has come through NEFT. Ketugram MLA Sheikh Shahnawaz said, "The Prime Minister had said that the money would come, this may be the same money." In such a case, some villagers have admitted to the fact that money has been invested in their account.