अपने पिता को बिठाकर रिक्शा खींचने वाली ये लड़की बनी IAS टॉपर बताया गया स...

A story on the social media is getting viral. The daughter of a rickshaw driver, IAS topped. Then he placed his father on a rickshaw and turned around in the city. A lot of people are sharing this highly emotional story

 A girl wearing a t-shirt is pulling her hand on the road. On the rickshaw, an elderly woman wearing lungi-vest is sitting behind. They kept a shoulder on their shoulders. These hand carts are very much in Kolkata. In it, two hand straps continue on the front. They are caught by hand holding a rickshaw. The back part is like a normal rickshaw. According to the caption with the picture, this girl is the IAS topper. Those who sit behind the rickshaw, are the girl's father. Run the rickshaw After toping the daughter, she put her father on the rickshaw and turned them around. So that she can tell people that she is her daughter. That his parents gave him such a good upbringing in such poverty too. Made it so good by reading and writing. People shared this picture a lot. Emotional for that girl and her parents
Are a travel blogger The name is Sharmona Poddar. Let the travel blogger know in a simple language that they roam. Then he writes the stories of his journey. Share pictures of the journey. Shramona is on Instagram. More than 86 thousand followers are his. Sharmona currently resides in Kolkata. On April 25, Sharmona shared the same photo on Instagram, which appears in the viral post. Sharmona writes that seeing hand carts in Kolkata, she was very sympathetic to those rickshaw drivers. That is why he did not sit in such a rickshaw. Then recently he realized that these rickshaws are the people's bread and bread. Do not sit in it, means snatching their wages. That's why the last time he went to Kolkata, he saw himself pulling a rickshaw. So that they can see how difficult it is to work. They asked him to sit behind the rickshawwala. Then drove this rickshaw to the streets of Shobabazar. The people present there were watching them.
Someone raised this photo of Sharmona. Then pasted the IAS topper and her father's emotional story. And posted. People rely on this story and start sharing it
The Czech team has spoken to Sharmona. Sharmona told that he is not an IAS topper. This photo was clicked by his friend Bhaskar in Shobha Bazar in North Kolkata. Sharmo is also unhappy because of sharing photos with the wrong message, because of this, their parents are also upset. Some people call their parents and ask about it