ट्रांसफर होते ही एक साथ गर्भवती हो गईं 82 शिक्षिकाएं वजह जानकर पूरा देश ...

There are times when such cases come up, which are surprising after knowing about it. Today, we are going to tell you a case of which you will be shocked after knowing about it. Surprising thing is that here many female teachers have become pregnant

According to information from sources, this matter is from Bareilly. Where all Bareilly had come after inter-transitional transfers. After counseling, everyone was sent to school. According to the rules, these were sent to distant schools which were lying vacant. The trouble came when all of them started talking about deployment in schools. Regarding change of school so far, about 250
As many as 82 teachers have been demanding deployment in nearby schools due to being pregnant. The BSA itself also got into a dilemma after seeing these applications. Along with them, 23 teachers have asked for the deployment in the school near the house saying that they also serve their oldest father-in-law. And some have applied for their recently-born children. Many applications have come in which the evening is written that they can not work because of the distance.
Women in low distances are few in block Block-Male-Female Shergarh-291-168Majgawan-311-176am Khoda-270-191 Bhadpura-323-128Ramnagar-262-94.60 percent of women claim to be pregnant.