बस एक गलती की वजह से पकड़ा गया पाकिस्तानी जासूस भारत की जासूसी कर रहा था ...

We do not even know how many traitors are present in our country. A similar case has been reported from Bulandshahr where the detective Jaishad, who is betraying his own estate, was arrested on Saturday. He consistently sent information to India to Pakistan. As soon as the ATS saw it, he trapped the net and, finally, Zahid stuck in that trap, how come we know

ATS has revealed that Zahid stayed in Pakistan for 10 and a half months and there he trained spying in there. After this he started painting work in Bulandshahr, but his real work was to send the maps and information to the ISI.
Zahid has sent information, maps and photos of ISI to Commander Ali from Rohtak to Delhi. He has six brothers in which he is the youngest. His relatives lived in Pak, through whom he came in contact with ISI
Zayedi made a big mistake and got stuck. In fact, for a few months, the call started coming from Pakistan on her mobile. When ATS got information about long-term things, crime branch started listening to her phone. That's why it was busted and caught ... Friends, what do you think that those who have betrayed the world should be punished, whether they belong to any religion, sect or caste. Give feedback