बॉलीवुड एक्टर कादर खान के निधन से सदमे में जरीन खान दोनों का रिश्ता जान ...

Kader Khan, who has made a different role in the film industry through his acting style, a strong voice and a good comedy, has now remained in memories. On the very first day of the year 2019, his fans sank in shock when he got the news of the death of his favorite actor Kader Khan. In the Canadian hospital, Kader Khan breathed his last. In the death of Kader Khan, where his fences are unhappy, there is disappointment in Bollywood too. Bollywood actress Sarah Khan also remembered Kader Khan and paid tribute to him on a post by Instagram.

Very few people know about the relationship between Kadar Khan and Zarine Khan. According to media reports, Zarine Khan's aunt was married to actor Kader Khan's brother-in-law (wife's brother). In his post shared on Instagram, Zarine Khan remembered his meeting with Kader Khan in Rangsharda in Bandra region of Mumbai. On that day in Rangsharda, Zarine Khan went to see a play, in which Kather Khan's sons were performing. Zarine hoped that he would get a chance to work with late actor Kader Khan in any film
Zarine Khan wrote in his post, "His death has brought me a deep shock, because I have been watching his films since childhood. He was one of the best actors of our film industry. I wish I had a chance to work with them, they were a very humble person and I have got a lot to learn from them. They had experience of every aspect of life. ' Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, the funeral was done on Wednesday at the Meadovel Cemetery in Canada. During this time, quite a lot of Afghan society reached their funeral
Kader Khan, who came from a very poor family, wrote about dialogues for hundreds of films besides working in almost 300 films. Kader Khan worked with every Bollywood actor in his era. He also played serious roles and laughed people through his comedy. Kadar Khan's dialogue is still on the tongue. He was an actor who gave credit for his films being a hit. Kader Khan, who started his Bollywood career with the film 'Dag' in 1973, made a different identity. He was Khed Khan who gave Amitabh Bachchan an image of Bollywood's "Angry Young Man" through his dialogue. Apart from Amitabh Bachchan, Kadar Khan worked in several films with Shakti Kapoor, David Dhawan and Govinda along with many film stars in the 1980s and 1990s.