इस महिला ने मचाया सारे शहर में बबाल नागिन बनकर हुयी फरार देखने वालों का ...

India is a unique country. There is a lot of such secret that is beyond science. One of them is the wishful serpent's. Today we are going to tell you a similar story from Uttar Pradesh. Here a girl claims that she was a wishful serpent in the previous birth. Now this is his regeneration. People of the village regard him as a serpent, worship

This 19 year old composition of Joharpura village, located 6 kilometers away from Guna district, worship not only the people of this village but those nearby villages as worshipers of Yashwari Nagin. A few years ago, composition had been married to a boy from a nearby village. But after some time she left her maternal uncle. The in-laws had said that the composition suddenly began to behave like a serpent, which would have made it difficult to handle
The composition says that her husband who had nag in the previous birth is still alive. Because of that, it changes in its behavior. The creation was asked for the reason of death in his previous life, then he told that 20 years ago a group of shepherds had killed him and burned him. Composition's father says he can not see his girl in this condition. She wants to see her girl live like a normal person
A Tantric was also treated with composition but no benefit was made. If he is the same doctor, he says the composition is suffering from any mental illness