बीरबल की मौत के बाद अकबर ने बीरबल के शव साथ किया था कुछ ऐसा जिसे आप नही ...

Friends Birbal was a great poet, politician, clever-minded man of the Mughal period. He always lived with the King Emperor Akbar. Akbar also had a good friend along with Birbal Akbar in his court.

In 1586 AD, Yusufzai community revolted against Akbar in Akbar's Sultanate. In order to pacify this rebellion, Akbar sent a team under the leadership of his cousin Jain Koka Khan but lost the party and came back.
After that Akbar sent his second army led by Birbal. When Birbal reached the war zone, other Muslim kings refused to fight with the Hindu king. But Birbal fought for this war in which eight thousand Sainiks were fighting with Birbal.
The enemy used to shoot balls and large stones on Birbal's army, which killed the forces of Birbal and Birbal. When Birbal's body was discovered, Birbal's dead body was not found. Then Akbar cremated all eight thousand dead bodies in a funeral so that Birbal could be cremated.