खुदाई करते वक्त ज़मीन से आ रही थी टन-टन की आवाजें मिट्टी हटाई तो दिखा ऐस...

The case is in a park in Tomorrow City, Spain, where the work of pipeline laying was very fast. At that time, workers were suspected of having a concrete thing in the field during the excavation. After that, the workers got something from the ground, which was all surprised after seeing

What the workers had brought out of the land was not a simple thing but thousands of years old treasure. When these treasures took the hands of these laborers, their happiness was no where. According to media reports, a total of 19 votes were received under the ground, thousands of coins were filled in. The mud was full of silver and copper coins. But when inquiries about the history of coins came to light a reality which was quite difficult to believe
Indeed, the coins which were found in the land are 1600 years old. According to a report, these coins were traded in Roman times during the fourth century, and these coins were worth thousands of crores. Out of the 19 seats found below the ground, the position of 10 was very good, according to the report, the treasury weighing the workers was about 600 kg