अपनी पत्नी के सामने पति पड़ जाता था कमजोर गुस्से में आकर पति ने कर डाला ...

A very strange case has emerged in Meghnagar in Madhya Pradesh. Here a man divorces his wife because he started looking fat. It was a daily fight between the two, and then one day the matter reached this point ... you will be surprised to know about this matter. Both are married just 10 years ago and both have two children

Husband wanted his wife to be thin-looking, but even after 10 years of marriage, it could not be so. Wife was fat while her husband was thin. All this husband was not digested, so her husband started quarreling with her. Not only that, he started killing his wife too. According to media reports, husband Arif began torturing him
This is the first case registered in Jhabua of Madhya Pradesh after the new law in three divorce cases. The woman has lodged a complaint with her husband against the police, after which her husband has been arrested and put in jail. This is the first case in Madhya Pradesh after the Muslim Women's Marriage Rights Protection Ordinance 2018 arrives. The wife says that the husband divorced her because she is a little thicker. In this case a complaint was lodged by the woman in Meghnagar police station
He wrote in the report that the husband has given him three divorces. The reason for divorce is that her body is not thin and slim. There is a daily quarrel between the two because of the weakness of the husband. The woman tells the police that her husband Arif teased her with fat and used to beat