IAS बी चंद्रकला मामले में आया नया मोड़ छापेमारी के दौरान हुआ यह बड़ा खुलासा

IAS Officer B. Chandrakal is not taking the name of the troubles, and one big disclosure is happening from one to the other. IAS officer B Chandrakal was once known for suppressing corruption, but nowadays he is surrounded by allegations of corruption itself. An FIR has been lodged against them in the allocation of illegal mining and during this time the CBI raided their flat. During this time there has been a new turning point in this matter about which we are going to tell you today

He bought a property in Telangana just 9 days before the raid on the flat of IAS officer B. Chandrakal. This property is in the form of a residential plot located in East Kalyanpuri area of ​​Malkajgiri district. During the investigation, it was revealed that the registration of this plot was made by B. Chandrakal on December 27, 2018.
The most remarkable thing in the matter came out that B Chandrakal had bought this plot of Rs 22.50 lakhs without any bank loan. 3 days before the raids, B Chandrakala had filed an immovable property return i.e. an IPR file. During this period, he had declared his total salary at Rs 91,400. The most surprising thing about this case was that only on January 2, they filed the information of this property. The property which he had given in the earlier returns, was absent nowadays. So the biggest question is whether B Chandrakal did not sell the entire property before or did not disclose these properties due to any other reason.
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