एक साथ 251 लड़कियों का बाप बना ये आदमी अभी तक सैकड़ों लड़कियों का कर चुक...

Real estate and diamond merchant Mahesh Sawani married 251 women this time in Surat. Mahesh raised the entire expenditure of the marriage. Mahesh has married such women since 2012, who have no father and the financial condition of the family is also not good

Among the daughters whom Mahesh married, they were young women of other religions. Many Muslim and Christian women also got a life partner on Christmas Eve. Daughter's marriage in India is still a big concern for her parents. Most people fall under debt, in the case of ultra-costly, dowry and common man
Savani has so far helped 969 married women. He says, "These are all my daughters. I am happy to see them happy." Mahesh says, "There is nothing more sacrilegious than Kanyadan. This year my business friend Batukbhai Mowalia also helped me.
Mahesh does not just spend the wedding expenses, but also gives gold ornaments and home furnishings and furniture to the daughters. After marriage, she also takes care of daughters. Mahesh raises the expenses of daughters becoming daughters. Later, Mahesh helps in writing children's education.
Mass marriage in India is not new, but generally such mass marriages are very simple. The bride and groom remain in the same mind as well. But Mahesh does not let this happen at all. Every wedding ceremony takes place from the bride's makeup during marriage and there is no shortage