इस मां ने भयंकर तूफ़ान में ऐसे बचाई अपनी 3 महीने की बच्चे की जान सोशल मीड...

It is said that there is only one mother in the world who battles with every threat to her children, and no matter who she is. In Australia, a mother saved her child's life by playing on her own life, the woman was caught in a storm with her three-month-old child in the rural area of ​​Brisbane. The woman saved her children but herself got badly injured. He shared his injury pictures on his Facebook

A woman named Fiona Simpson said she was going somewhere with her child and her grandmother in his car in Brisbane. Only then did the storm stop their way on the way. Due to the storm, large stones hit the car coming from their car, causing their glass to collapse. Fiona became a wall between the glass of the car and the child could not even take a piece of glass from her child. He did this for a long time
Throughout this whole sentence, she had so many pieces of glass on her body that she became completely swept away, but still did not move from there. He has shared these injury pictures on his Facebook. He has also written with this post that he has learned from this incident that he should never go on a drive in the storm.