कई बार इस महिला को काट चुका है ये सांप सालों से इस महिला के पीछे पड़ा है ...

Our country is a religious and recognized country. There are many types of beliefs here. Some unique are some funny, some are not superstitions that people purposeless play and are also afraid that they really believe. There are many such incidents and everyone is linked to some belief. One such incident has surfaced, which you will be afraid of hearing. Let's know about it.

In fact, a woman living in Uttarakhand says that wherever she goes, a snake falls behind her. He says that the snake has been behind him for many years. This woman is suffering from this incident not once and again, whenever she goes out alone, the snake falls behind her. Therefore, the people of the house are afraid of leaving the woman alone. You might be surprised to know that this woman has been a victim of snake sting five times. But his life saved five times. Now know why this is happening and how it is happening.

Please tell, this woman's name is Sangeeta. This woman is a secret behind the bite of snakes, is that the father had killed a snake came into the house, just started falling behind the snake Sangeeta from above and make it a victim of its sting. When some other person is with music, then they do not harbor snake music. Snake bites only when he is alone, so people of the house have become necessary to be with music all the time