इस मुस्लिम कांग्रेसी नेता ने हिंदू पुलिसवालों को जबरन बचा हुआ खाना खिलाय...

Four photos of the same man are walking on social media for several days. These pictures show that food is served in banana leaves on the table and a man is feeding the baridas one by one with his own hands. These photographs are being spread out by saying that this Muslim leader has forced the Hindu police to release the remains on the leaf. These leaders are Food and Supply Minister of Karnataka, Zameer Ahmad Khan.

The handwriting named Ex-Secular on Twitter has written - Congress Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Jamir Ahmed in Karnataka has forced the Hindu police force to remain alive during an event. It is a matter of note that in the Followers of Twitter Twitter, there are also Union Ministers Giriraj Singh, Piyush Goyal, Ram Kripal Yadav and Vijay Goyal, along with Prime Minister Modi himself. So is this true? Do not even throw these pictures? So the answer is that these pictures are not a feat. But the story that is being told with it is completely false.
 The check team contacted the minister Zamir himself and asked what the truth of these pictures is. The minister said that the photographs are not faded and they were taken to Mysore on October 10 where they went to inaugurate a food festival. These events were happening in Scouts and Guide Ground in Mysore. Describing the truth of feeding the police, the 51-year-old Congressman said, "I have been doing this for 20 years. Even before entering politics, whenever I go to a public function, I feed others with my own hands and eat myself with others. This increases brotherhood. In this function, I was eating dinner with blind children and during that time I fed the rest of the people including the policeman
In order to investigate this claim of conscience, we have also explored this leader's Facebook page, where the video of that event is present, and Zamir is offering a lot of people the sweet name obbattu. There are many more such videos on their timeline so that it is clear that conscience has a good sense of humor to everyone. In addition to Zamin Ahmed, in many media reports, these works have been combined with mutual goodwill is. So it is clear that many may feel that something can be upsetting to feed some with their hands but it is absolutely wrong to give it religious angles here