पिता को मार गया लकवा तो बेटियां करने लगी यह काम जानकर हर कोई कर रहा सलाम

Anyone who has said that the daughters are the Lakshmi of the house, I am honored in my condition. Because the incident that we are going to tell you about today, makes a similar statement. After the father was paralyzed, two daughters of Kushinagar raised the responsibility of the family on their shoulders. After this he learned his father's work closely and then became a hairdresser and started making the beard and hair of the people. The entire responsibility of the salon is on these two daughters, they have changed their names for the sake of the family and have named the boys.

Actually we are talking about how both daughters of Dhruv Narayan, resident of Banwari Tola village of Tahsil, Jyoti and Neha Dhruvnarayan has six daughters, on his own salon, he turned yellow hands to the hands of four daughters, but in the meantime he was paralyzed. Due to non-earning, it was also difficult to burn the stove in the house because both hands of Dhruvnarayan were not working.
In such a case, Jyoti started visiting the locked shop and started the haircutting of the people. Although this work was not so easy, Jyoti also had to listen to the taunts of people, but these irresponsible lights were working in her work. Within 5 years, he gave a small dome made by his father to the salon. The same younger sister Neha is also now sharing her sister's hand and the two sisters together bring their family out of the whirl of sadness
Jyoti explains that this work was not so easy as my grandfather and grandfather did. But if I did not do this work then it was also difficult to burn a stove in my house and there was no money for father's treatment. Today, the store is underway due to the hard work of Mera and Neha, and we earn 400 to 500 rupees in one day, which is going on in our house and the papa is being treated. Jyoti said that now I completely behave like boys. I cut my hair and wear shirt pants. Along with this, I changed my name from Jyoti to Deepak alias Raju