मुस्लिम लड़की ने तीन तलाक के विरोध में किया ऐसा काम जानकर करेंगे दिल से ...

Muslim women have been being tortured in the name of three divorces and halala from the beginning, even though the central government had passed a bill in parliament, under which three divorces were declared non-bailable. In spite of this, three such incidents like divorce are not known to be low because because if the Muslim women try to go to court against three divorces, their voice is suppressed. Today we are going to tell you a case related to a divorce,

The matter that we are going to tell you today is of the Phalodi region of Rajasthan's Jodhpur district, where Muslims live in a large number. According to the information received, Muslim women of the said area have been very much educated, but despite this, they were also being treated as three divorced convicts continuously. The women of that time tried to go to court to avoid this, but they were beaten and imprisoned only at home.
In the Muslim family, a girl girl had already seen such a horrific act as three divorces around her and in such a way she thought of presenting an example for women. According to the information received, the girl decided to marry Hindu customs with the Hindu boy. The Muslim girl did this just because she could raise her voice against the oppression of Muslim women in their society. Though the women of the family are happy with this decision of the girl, but the panchayat is very angry with the girl's decision.
 The idea that the Muslim girl has taken in opposition to the three divorces that you think is right, tell your thoughts to the comments box.