मुसलमानों पर मेहरबान हुई मोदी सरकार लिया ऐसा फैसला के झूम उठा पूरा मुस्ल...

The Narendra Modi government has taken a big initiative to make Muslims their own. This time Modi Government has taken a big decision in his favor. The biggest benefit of this decision will be the destitute and unemployed elderly of Muslim society. Let's know what that decision is

The BJP government is doing its best to change its negative image in the minorities. Its purpose is to return to the power of the country again after winning the trust of the Lok Sabha election. For this reason the government has taken a big decision
This big decision of Modi Government is linked to Haj pilgrimage. On the directions of the Central Government, the Haj Committee of India has changed the major rules related to the training of Haj pilgrims. The biggest benefit of this change is to get the elderly to the Muslim
On the instructions of the Modi government, the Haj Committee of India has increased the age of those who gave training to Haj pilgrims. Earlier this limit was 50, which has been increased to 58 years. That is, now 58-year-old Muslim elderly can also apply for training. The applications have also been submitted which will be submitted by January 10. This will provide relief to the elderly of the Muslim community.

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