19 साल में 113 फिल्में कर चुके राजपाल अब हो गये कंगाल जेल में कट रही है ...

Bollywood has been sitting in secret for many years in a gloomy life. On the one hand, where actors working in Bollywood are spending their happy lives by earning crores, there are many actors on the other side, who have been living their anonymity life after being celebrated for years. Today, we tell you about a similar actor, who is now spending his life in a poor state.

The name of this actor is Rajpal Yadav, who started his acting career in 1999 with the film 'Dil Kya Kare', and so far has worked in about 113 films. They have laughed the fans for years with their spectacular comedy. His crazy fans were so much that Rajpal Yadav used to work in more than 10 films in a year.

Never did the people laugh at their comedy, but today Rajpal Yadav is spending his innocence in jail. At the end of November this year, the court sentenced them to 3 months' imprisonment for not paying the loan of Rs. 5 crore. This loan was taken in 2010 for his film 'Ata Laxata'.

The film 'Aataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' was badly failed at the box office, which caused a ruckus in the life of Rajpal Yadav, and their condition got so bad that they could not repay the loan of Rs. 5 crore, and now they have been fined 11.20 million You will have to repay the money. Apart from this, his wife is also running 7 different cases of check bouncing.

All these things can only be estimated from the fact that comedian Rajpal Yadav, who laugh at all, is now completely poor. Their condition is very bad. No actor has ever come forward to help him from the film world. The fellow artists must definitely help them.