यू-ट्यूब पर बिना सुरक्षा के पकड़कर दिखाता था कोबरा साँप फिर उसी ने उतार द...

Vikram Singh Malhot died in Nashik on Wednesday due to snake bites

It is being told that Vikram Singh Malhot was from the Ropad district of Punjab. Yesterday he had gone to Nanded, when his car got accident of Nashik.
They left the car with a mechanic and went out to walk around in the woods with brothers and friends. Vikram caught it when the cobra looked here
He was showing the stunts to the friends with Cobra that when he was snake he got danced. He was rushed to Nanded district hospital, but he died.
Police said that Vikram Singh Malhot was very famous on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. They used to snatch video and photos on social media. Thousands of them started following
He often used to capture the cobra video on social media. But he died after a cobra snake bite.
Forest worker Amrit Lal told that Vikram Singh Malhot used to work as a snake friend. They had caught more than 3,000 snakes.
Under Nangal Century, he had left thousands of snakes from Nangal, Nai Nangal, Talwada, Dobeta, Hambela, Vibhaur Sahib etc and had left the forest.