गरम तेल में हाथ से पकौड़े तलना कोई चमत्कार नहीं है बल्कि यह इसके पीछे का...

Friends, today we are going to tell you about a very unique thing. You must have seen some frozen palmers fluttering with their hands. These people put their hands in hot oil such as some cold water put in cold oil. Are you

They do not burn their hands by putting their hands in hot oil, and no one has any kind of damage in their hands. He puts his hand into oil and puts the pakodas in the hot while easily heated. It keeps on crowding in his shop, through which he earns good profits.

You will have to see a miracle but it is not that all this practice and the tricks we are going to tell are amazing. But to take this trick very carefulness is needed. To do this trick, a very practiced and trained man can do it only.

Otherwise you can burn your hand. It can not be haste or learned in 1 day. So let's know what the trick is. By adopting this trick, you can increase your business with pakodas
In the hot oil, frying pakodas first put the pakoda batter in hot oil. After that, keep a vessel filled with cold water. As soon as the pakoda's batter is put in a batter, the pakoras are put together.

And immediately put the hand in the cold water placed in the vessel and grip the hand and then pour the hand into the oil, and take out the pakora.

This happens because the pakoda pans hands in a potato batter. The temperature of his hands decreases and when he ished his hand in cold water, he removes pakoras from hot oil. Then the temperature of his hands becomes even lesser.

There is no match between oil and water in its hands, if there is a water layer. Each time he gets the pakoda with the hand in the hot oil. Before that, he puts his hand in cold water. It repeats in the process repeatedly, due to which his hand does not burn
As soon as you wash hands in cold water and put the hands in hot oil, take out the pakora. The reason for this is that due to the presence of water in the hand, before we reach hot oil, we take out the pakoda. This work can be done very quickly and due to practice. This work is done from morning to evening after frying pancakes. That is why they also get used to being hot with their hands
Friends, we request that you do not do this trick in the house. It can be an accident, it is only being told to give you an information