एमटेक पास इस लड़की ने खेती में कर दिखाया ऐसा काम जिसे सारी दुनिया कर रही ...

In such a period, there was such a strong storm of consumerist culture in the country, after which things like farming and farming began to be considered less. People started leaving the village. Farmer's father's son left farming, began to filter the metropolis behind any kind of job or employment. In such a period, when the son ran away from taking over the legacy of his father's farming, a daughter of Mahasamund of Chhattisgarh has brought her father's legacy not only but also moving forward, moving it to a new position. He himself was working as a software engineer after the BTech and MTech studies, but the call of the soil invited him to use all the technical education on his own.

When Vellari started farming on 27 acres of father of his retired engineer, he changed everything. Farming-farming was a major challenge for a software engineer, Beatia. But they overcome all the difficulties by adopting all the modern methods of farming, which resulted in them being bumper yield and bumpers. Today, he earns an annual income of one lakh acre for one lakh.
Valeri's intellectual skills and experiential nature brought fresh happiness to the Chandrakar family.But the matter is not just enough, the most important of all, that there was a tremendous message in the surrounding areas that one Daughter has transformed the agriculture. Farmers far and wide are very impressed with this. But for this, the thinking and courage of changing the thinking of society
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